Jun 28

Club Meeting @ Brooklyn's

Oct 27-Nov 4,

Colorado SCUBA Bash Bonaire - Divi Flamingo from $2995

Click here for details.

Jul 21

Summer BBQ Aurora Reservoir

Aug 26

Club Meeting TBD

July 12 - 26,

Red Sea and Nile River Cruise - $4100

Clickhere for details.

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Local Dive Shop Trips/Events

If you are interested in presenting at club meetings, please send an email to: info@sharkbaitdiveclub.com

Shark Bait Annual Club Trips

Jul 7-14

Sea of Cortez - Rocio Del Mar - $2595 Click here for details.

Oct 4-15 2019

Philippines $2500 - Atlantis Dive Resorts in Puerto Galera and Dumaguete.  Check out the newsletter for more information

Nov 29 - Dec 13

Indonesia (Lembeh)

From $3557 per person. Includes air from LAX and all meals at the resorts.  Click Here for details

Jul 9-12,

UWP Kids SCUBA Camp - Click here for details.

If you have a trip you would like to advertise on our website, send trip info to: info@sharkbaitdiveclub.com

Check out Dive Flag Jewelry by Evonne and Michael Dunn.  "Let the world know you're a diver"  For a limited time, get a 5% discount.  Click the Merchandise button above for more information and the discount code!!!

Aug 3-5,

UWP 20th Annual Camp Out and Treasure Hut - Twin Lakes CO Click here for details.

Jul 26

Wrigley's Chicago Grill

Local diving with altitude

Scuba Beach. Come help us Celebrate the International Women's Dive Day! We will have a potluck, diving, contests and prizes. Bring the kids, bring the dogs and we will all celebrate SUMMER!

Ed Sauer and Sandra Schroth. They have re-mastered their latest video documentary "What's Going on Down There? ----The Other Seven Tenths!" They will be screening it for the club. 

Sep 27

Club Meeting TBD

Dec 29 - Jan 5 2019

Galapagos on Majestic Explorer from $5895

Western Archipelago, Darwin and Wolf Islands.  If we get a total of 6 to sign up we can get close to $1000 off per person.  Contact Lori Hladik lhladik@yahoo.com

Shooting Action Camera small format video (GoPro) Scott Van de Hey

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